Poster Session


Showcase of Russell Berrie Fellowship Alumni Leaders

and their Initiatives in Interreligious Dialogue


These interreligious dialogue initiatives were supported through the Russell Berrie Alumni Grant Program, launched in 2016 to enable the Russell Berrie Alumni to carry out innovative, creative interreligious dialogue and action projects. Since the program’s inception, 36 Alumni have been awarded a grant covering 15 countries. Through individual and joint projects, Alumni have taken leadership in promoting interreligious dialogue, peace and positive change in their communities and societies all around the world. 

Lidiia Batig, Ukraine, Cohort VIII

Elyse Brazel, Canada, Cohort VIII

Val Brillo, Philippines, Cohort II

Sr. Purobi Pascalina Chiran, Bangladesh, Cohort VIII

Samantha Lin, United States and Canada, Cohort IX

Christine Lim & Gabrielle Yang, Malaysia, Cohort IX

Fr. Ioan Robert Reikli, Romania and Greece, Cohort I

Allyson Zacharoff, United States, Cohort VI (Project 1)

Allyson Zacharoff, United States, Cohort VI (Project 2)